Monday, 24 October 2011

Designs which inspire

Natures bright idea, breaking through

My work Used in photo Shoot, Femme Poisson shoot,

Styled by Zadrian Smith collaborated with David Session to create a dark mermaid inspired shoot, It truly depicts the beauty and the edginess of my pieces.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Photo shoot From final Degree Show

This collection was inspired through the Evolution of Forms, through the Development of the vertebrae visible in fossils and looking at the deconstruction of flowers, to reveal the development of organic structures. I am also inspired how man-made structures and natures prowess work together in every day living, and how the two over lap within design.
I have developed a range of body pieces, which reveals the versatility of textiles, as both an art form and jewellery.

Islington Candid Art and Design Fair 2011

This weekend I Exhibited at the Candid Art and Design Fair! It was great to get feedback from my final collection to a wider audience post Chelsea College.